Land Auction 655.9+/- Acres Hamilton County, KS Selling in 3 Tracts

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Auction on December 8, 2020

Address: Hamilton County
State: Kansas
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Property Description

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655.9+/- Acres Hamilton County, Kansas

Selling in 3 Tracts On Our


December 8, 2020

Bidding opens November 24, 2020, and ends December 8, 2020, at 10:00 A.M. (MST)

The bidding increments will be $50/acre. The final sale price will be calculated based on total acres times the highest bid.  Real Estate Agent reserves the right to adjust bidding increments.

 Plan to Attend the Informational Meeting & Auction:


607 N. Main St

Syracuse, KS 67878

BigIron Realty Agents will be at the VFW in Syracuse, KS, on Monday, December 7, 2020, from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. (MST), and Tuesday, December 8, 2020, from 8:00 A.M. (MST) until the conclusion of the online auction.  Please come during the times scheduled to discuss the land.  BigIron Realty Representatives will be there to assist Buyers with registering to bid, answering questions, and bidding online.  You do not have to be present to bid online, but you are required to be available by phone.

BIDDING PROCESS: You may place bids on the land for 14 days beginning November 24, 2020, and ending December 8, 2020, at 10:00 A.M. (MST). This unreserved online auction features bidding extensions. The closing times will be automatically extended when any one of the coupled tracts receives a bid in the last 5 minutes and will close simultaneously when none of the tracts receive a bid for 5 minutes.  This will allow bidders to monitor each tract without the fear of missing out on any other tract. NOTE: Do not wait until the day the auction closes to register to bid online. All bidders must be approved to bid, so register at least 24 hours prior to the auction close or call 800-887-8625 for assistance.

General Description:

This 655.9+/- acres has 930 ac ft of authorized water on 239.9+/- acres of irrigated cropland, native grass, working facilities, and proximity to markets.  This is an outstanding opportunity for any investor or farm operator looking to grow net worth.  It can be operated as currently developed, or use its undeveloped land and plentiful water rights to significantly increase the current 239.9+/- irrigated acres.  The 655.9 +/- acres sell in 3 tracts with improvements, and all of it sells “AS IS” and unreserved.  The land is south of and adjoins Highway 50 and the BNSF Railroad at Coolidge, KS, in western Hamilton County.  The southern edge of the property borders the Arkansas River making this a wonderful wildlife area for deer, turkey, and pheasant hunting.  It’s in the Kansas Division of Wildlife & Parks (KDWP) hunting ranges for elk and pronghorn antelope.  An elk herd is in the area.  It’s in KDWP deer management unit 17.

Tracts #1 and #3 are under separate ownership but have been operated together for many years.    They also share irrigation water from the Frontier Ditch Company, so they are being sold in the same auction.  They each have their own irrigation well.  Flood irrigation ditches serving Tract #3, run through Tract #1.  Irrigation ditch water comes from shares in the Frontier Ditch Company carrying water it owns (5,000 ac ft) plus Ft Aubrey water (1,946 ac ft).  The Frontier Ditch Company and Ft. Aubrey water come from the John Martin Reservoir in Bent County, CO, and from streamflow of the Arkansas River.  The water is available based on sufficient water available in John Martin Reservoir.  In 2012 the release was half of a normal year.  Should there be a short water year, the benefit of being on the Frontier Ditch is its position as first in the line of five Kansas ditch companies served by the release.

Markets are close by with Scoular Grain elevators in Coolidge, KS, immediately adjoining the land.  Skyland Grain is 14 miles east in Syracuse, KS, on Hwy 50.  Rio-Vista Dairy, Syracuse Dairy, SW Plains Dairy, Winners Circle feedlot, and Kan Co Hay are all nearby.

Tract 1: General Description:  SOLD  $2,600/Acre

This 67.5 +/- acres sells ‘AS-IS’ and includes 63.7 acres of flood irrigation on 5 benches and 3.8 acres in other uses.  It has its own irrigation well with a 20 HP electric motor.  Its Kansas water right number is 31372. The well is authorized 136-acre ft of water per year on a maximum of 84 acres.  The well pumps into a flood irrigation ditch system.  The owner also leases 62 Frontier Ditch Company shares for $8.92 per share ($554.28 year) to receive another 169-acre ft of water.  Failure to annually pay the lease on the 62 Frontier Ditch Company shares results in permanent loss of the shares. Total authorized acre-feet of water from both the well and the Frontier Ditch Company is limited to 164-acre ft by the Ks Division of Water Resources (KDWR).  When the Frontier Ditch water is running, the electric motor and groundwater pumping can be shut off.  Additional Frontier Ditch water passes through Tract #1 ditches to supply water to Tract #3.  The ‘Purchase Agreement’ for Tract #1 will specify that an easement for both road access and ditch water will be granted to the Buyer of Tract #3.  It’s recommended that you buy all three tracts as a working unit.  If you buy Tract #1, it’s recommended you also buy Tract #2, to control all the property in this block of land.  Tract #1 was planted to irrigated feed in 2020 with a cash lease ending Dec 31, 2020.  Soil type is 90% Bridgeport Clay Loam, Saline, and 10% Las Clay Loam, moderately deep.

Legal Description: 66.2+/- acres Hamilton County, KS

S ½ of the S ½ of the NE ¼ 23-23-43

N ½ of the N ½ of the SE ¼ 23-23-43

E ½ of the NW ¼ of the SW ¼ 23-23-43

2019 Taxes:   $738.84

Land Location:  The land is southeast of and immediately adjoins the town of Coolidge, KS, on US Hwy 50 in western Hamilton County.

FSA:   Base/Yields

Wheat 28.32 /  20

Corn     6.25 / 102

 Mineral Rights: The Seller has 26 mineral acres that transfer to the Buyer.

Water Rights:  Kansas water right 31372 and 62 leased shares with Frontier Ditch Company transfer to the Buyer. Maximum water use is limited to 164-acre ft by the KDWR. 

Possession:  At closing on or before January 7, 2021

Property Video:

Tract 2: General Description:  SOLD  $23,850

Tract #2 comprises a .8 acre home site selling “AS IS”.  It sets in the middle of Tract #1.  It was purchased by the owner of Tract #3 (O & J, LLC) in December 2019, to be torn down to put a pivot on the land.  It’s a 2 bed, 1 bath house in major disrepair with a damaged roof, foundation, siding, porch ceiling, and more.  A propane tank sells with the property.  Go to for this auction to see the disclosure on this house.  It’s recommended the Buyer of Tract #1 also purchase this Tract #2 to control all property in this block of land.

Legal Description: .8 of an acre, beginning 60 ft east and 60 ft south of the northwest corner of the SE ¼ 23-23-43, then east 260 ft, then south 145 ft, the west 260 ft, the north 145 ft to the point of beginning.

2019 Taxes:   $264.58

Land Location:  The .8 acre homesite is immediately southeast of Coolidge, KS, surrounded by Tract #1 of this auction.

FSA:                          No FSA bases & yields.

Mineral Rights:       No mineral rights available. 

Water Rights:         No water rights available.

Possession:            At closing on or before January 7, 2021.

Property Video:


Tract 3: General Description:  SOLD  $1,500/Acre

This 588.9+/- acres and all improvements sell “AS IS”.  It has 176.2 acres of bench and pivot irrigated land cash leased to a tenant until May 25, 2021.  There are 412.7 acres of native grass and other uses.   A 1979 Zimmatic, 11 span, pivot with drops nozzled at 750 gpm, waters 85 acres.   The irrigation well is near the southwest corner of the pivot, at the house #4 headquarters site.  The well was totally reworked in the spring of 2020 with new bowls and column pipe.  It’s cased in PVC and 62 ft to shale.  It has a 40 hp electric motor and a booster pump at the pivot point.   The Arkansas River runs along the south side of the land, so hydrology of the well is maintained.

At the headquarter site (house #4 of this auction), there is a 49,000 bushel bin site.  It has 5 (18 ft diameter) grain bins with pits. The 5 bins hold 5,200 bushels each or 26,000 bushels total capacity.  It has 2 (27 ft diameter) grain bins with pits holding 10,000 and 13,000 bushels.  All seven of these bins have pit augers, aeration fans, interior, and exterior attached ladders.  The bin site has a concrete drive with a dump pit.  It has a dump pit auger feeding a fill auger that feeds an enclosed U-trough distribution system across the top of the 5 (5,200 bu) bins.  There are 2 (500 bushel) cone bottom bulk bins at the bin site and 3 more bulk bins in the yard south of the house for cattle feeding purposes.

There is a big set of corrals for handling and feeding hundreds of head of cattle.  There are loading chutes, working chutes, a hydraulic squeeze chute, sorting pens, concrete feed bunks, and scores of big tire hay feeders.  A big tank on a concrete apron with automatic water sets in the middle of the corrals. The tank water comes from wells north of the corrals.  Other tanks on hydrants are also in the corrals.  A pit silo is just north of the corrals on the west side of the headquarters.

The native grass pasture on the south side of Tract #3 runs the entire length of the property.  It’s bordered on the south by the Arkansas River.  It’s fully fenced with 4 wire barbed wire fences and cross fenced in several places.  Water for cattle on grass is at the big tank at the headquarters.  This grass could be kept for its current use or developed with more pivots.  The owner states there is good gravel under this land with several gravel and sand pits on neighboring properties.

Tract #3 cropland was planted to irrigated feed in 2020 with a cash lease ending May 25, 2021.   Soil types are Las Animas loamy sand and Las clay loam moderately deep; Sweetwater clay loam and Bridgeport clay loam, saline, and rarely flooded.

Four of five home sites selling in this auction are on Tract #3: Houses 2, 3, 4 & 5.

House #2 sells “AS IS” was flooded in 1965 with 57 inches of water inside the house, which has not been lived in since.  It’s not livable in its current condition.  It has a stucco exterior, windows missing, extensive disrepair throughout.  It could be used for possible storage of some kind.  Several outbuildings at this site similarly affected by the flood of 1965.  A double door garage, with a stucco exterior, is being used for storage.  Property around House #2 is used for equipment storage.

No utilities are hooked up.  Go to for this auction to see the disclosure on this house.

House #3 sells “AS IS” and is being lived in.  It’s a 3 bed, 1 bath, no basement with stucco exterior. The current tenant has the property (house, corrals, outbuildings) lease for $400 month through June 30, 2021.  The Buyer will receive the rent money from the tenant January 1 – June 30, 2021.

It was flooded in 1965 with 48 inches of water inside.  Sheetrock and insulation were replaced.  Most of the outbuildings on this site are usable.  There are corrals with water hydrants south of the house.  The squeeze chute belongs to the tenant. There is a detached two-car garage and another 1 car block garage.  The propane tank stays with the property.  Go to for this auction to see the disclosure on this house.

House #4 sells “AS IS”.   This is the house at the headquarters site of the operation.  It was not flooded in 1965.  It’s a 3 bed, 1 bath.  There is a lot of general disrepair to the house.  It has a metal roof. The propane tank stays with the house.  It was last lived in May 2020, by a hired man.  This house could be remodeled.  Go to for this auction to see the disclosure on this house.

House #5 sells “AS IS.”  It was flooded by 6 inches of water in 1965.  It has a lot of general disrepair.  It has a metal roof.  It’s a 4 bed, 1 bath house, last occupied in 2013.  The propane tank stays with the house.  No utilities are currently connected to the house but can be connected.  This house could be remodeled for a great guest hunting lodge.  Go to for this auction to see the disclosure on this house.

Legal Description: 588.9+/- acres Hamilton County, KS, located in:

SE ¼ 23-23-43; S ½ 24-23-43; Parcel in SW ¼ of the SW ¼ 19-23-42; Parcel in NW ¼ of the NW ¼ 30-23-42; N ½ 25-23-43 north of the Arkansas River.

2019 Taxes:        $4,914.37

Land Location:  The land starts a quarter-mile southeast of Coolidge, KS, and extends for 2 miles east bordering Hwy 50 and the BNSF railroad in western Hamilton County, KS.

FSA:               Base / Yields

Wheat            17.64     21

Corn               60.64     99

Gr. Sorg         51.88     70

 Mineral Rights:  331 mineral acres transfer to the Buyer.

Water Rights:   There are two Kansas water rights on this property, 22852 and 24340 combined into 22852 with 347 ac ft. of water.  The authorized place of use for the 347 ac ft is on the 176.2 acres currently irrigated by O & J LLC.  The property also comes with 200 Frontier Ditch shares x 2.73 ac ft = 546 ac ft. water. This water can be used anywhere within the Frontier Ditch Service Area.  The total water available with water right 22852 and 200 shares Frontier Ditch is 893 ac ft water.  However, the Kansas Division of Water Resources (KDWR) states the maximum authorized water use on this 588.9 +/- acres is 766 ac ft from all sources, including water right 22852 and Kansas vested water right HM36 Frontier Ditch and HM26 Ft. Aubrey water.  The Frontier Ditch water can be used on any acres owned within the Frontier Ditch Service Area and is not specific to place of use, as is the case with a KDWR water right.  If additional pivots were installed, Frontier Ditch water could be put into ponds and pumped by pivots.

Possession:  At closing on or before January 7, 2021, on grass, houses, corrals, and bin site.

On 176.2 acres of irrigated cropland, possession passes when triticale is removed or May 25, 2021, whichever comes first.  The Buyer receives $40 per acre cash rent on 176.2 acres ($7,048) through May 25, 2021.  The $7,048 will be paid to the Buyer at closing.

Property Video:


  O & J LLC and Richard & Kathleen Wright Trust

Title Services:

High Plains Title LLC

107 Gunsmoke St.

Dodge City, KS 67801

For more information, contact listing agent:

Mike Campbell, 620-899-6989

                                                                           Terms:  The sale is subject to all rights of way and easements, whether recorded or not, and to oil and gas leases of record if any.  The successful Buyer will be required to enter into a written purchase agreement immediately after the sale with a 10% non-refundable down payment made payable to High Plains Title LLC, 107 Gunsmoke St., Dodge City, KS 67801.  The earnest money deposit can be made by personal check, company check, or by wire transfer. The balance will be due at closing on or before Jan 7, 2021.  Seller will provide marketable title to the Buyer evidenced by title insurance.  Title insurance and closing costs are split 50/50 between Buyer and Seller.  Additional title insurance required by a Buyer’s lender will be paid 100% by the Buyer. Real estate taxes will be prorated to the date of closing.  Bidding increments may be changed at the discretion of the Real Estate Agent.  The property will not be sold subject to financing.  Have all financial arrangements made prior to the auction.  The written purchase agreement, to be signed by the Seller and Buyer after the auction, is the sole and controlling document of this sale and supersedes any and all other terms whether verbal, written, expressed, or implied, and shall be the sole and controlling document for this real estate transaction.  BigIron Realty is working for the Seller.

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