Finley Construction & Ready-Mix Inc. Atwood, Kansas

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Address: 12915 Highway 25 Atwood, Kansas
State: Kansas
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Finley Construction & Ready-Mix Inc. Atwood, Kansas

Finley Construction & Ready Mix has a long-established business history in Atwood, Kansas. The business was founded in 1946 by Jack Finley. Steve Finley became the Operations Manager and managed the business for 35 years until his unexpected death. The decision was made to place Finley Construction & Ready Mix on the market for sale. Rick Corder is presently acting manager and has been with the company for 40 years. Rick’s experience and knowledge of all aspects of Finley Construction & Ready Mix is an asset and he will support making the sale and transition of the business smooth. Finley Construction & Ready Mix is located north of Atwood on Highway 25. It’s an excellent location with easy commute access for the delivery and with high volume truck traffic.

  • Strengths of Finley Construction & Ready Mix:
    • Strong History of Business Relationships Built over 73 Years
    • Experience and Knowledge in the Pre-Cast Operations, Concrete Pour, and Lumber Yard Operations
    • Experience working with Governmental Agencies and Engineers
    • A community business strength in Atwood, Ks
    • Ability to service most equipment in-house which saves on bottom-line dollars
    • Manager in place which has been with the company since 1979
    • A company which has diversified very well in the community to keep a margin of profit.
    • A established business portfolio of customers within a 200 mile radius
    • An active part of the community
    • Located in a strong Ag Rural area where the target market for product is consistent and strong
    • Has own welding shop on site
  • Focus of Operations:
    • Basic Lumber Yard Operations (Supplying the community with access of building materials for the farm and home, both contractors and general public.
    • Tilt Wall Silo Systems: Precast Concrete 8’x12’ Side Walls Large Capacities Flat Bottom
    • Providing DELIVERY and SETUP for Kansas, Nebraska, Eastern Colorado and Northern Oklahoma and has went as far south as New Mexico
    • Concrete Feed Bunks Finley uses only high-quality, extra-rich concrete in their feed bunks.
      • Available in 12-foot sections.
    • Concrete Septic Tanks Precast-Steel Reinforced
    • Pre Cast Landscape Operations
    • List Price includes all equipment, fixtures, real estate and inventory at the time of sale
    • P&Ls are available to qualified Buyers as well as inventory from list date

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